Written by: Sarah, an FCE student at Languages International

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The aim of this report is to present how your vocabulary knowledge can be improved efficiently.

• You could focus on studying phrasal verbs and collocations. In the Learning Centre there is a very helpful resource book called Essential Idioms in English. It provides plenty of sentences which you use every day, like get on/off the bus or get over an illness. Being familiar with those idioms let you feel more confident, and your English sounds more natural and fluent. 

• While reading English books, you discover a lot of new words, especially adjectives and verbs. If you focus on some words, which you think are helpful or which you like, your vocabulary could get better rapidly.  

•A good way to memorize new vocabulary is to write it on little sheets: on one side is the English explanation and on the other side the word. That way you can test yourself. 

In conclusion, there are many different strategies you can use to learn vocabulary; so find out which one fits best with your learning style. 

This article was taken from the magazine that our teacher, May Anne’s FCE class created.  To read more, download the magazine: pdf Martina’s FCE Class Magazine (22.4MB) 

Photo credit: Geek Magnets by pillowhead designs