Want to know what an English lesson at Languages International is like?

Each class is different, but here are a couple of examples for you.

This first video is of one of our Lower Intermediate General English classes at Languages International Auckland. (We have 8 levels. Lower Intermediate is level 4.) In this lesson the class is studying vocabulary used for different kinds of containers and revising countable and uncountable nouns.  The video was made by Stas Kulesh. Stas is the most popular Russian blogger in the Southern Hemisphere and winner of the ‘Best Russian Blog 2012’ award.

The next two videos were made by our Elementary General English class at Languages International Christchurch. (Level 2 of 8 levels.)  They were learning how to give instructions in English. To practise, the students created a brief cooking show.  The students wrote the script, acted it out, and filmed it themselves.

Hannah Robinson

Hannah Robinson is Languages International’s Digital Marketing Manager/Latin American Market Manager. You can read more articles by Hannah here.  

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