Languages International Christchurch school building Our remarkable Christchurch school building has been attracting some attention recently, both online and offline.  Offline, it is in an art exhibition on Worcester Boulevard; online, it has been featured on the Christchurch Art Gallery’s blog.

What makes our building so special?  Its age for one thing.  Built in 1928, it is a Grade II listed Heritage Building.  Our historic premises were designed by Mr Cecil Wood in neo-Georgian style architecture.  The building had 3 former lives before it housed Languages International.  It was a women’s secretarial college, a lawyers’ office, and a (different) English language school.  Number 69 has been Languages International’s home since 2006.

Here is the painting of our building being featured in the art exhibition.
Ivy Fife's Painting of our school building1960s painting of our school building by Ivy Fife, who had a studio just down the road where the art gallery now stands.

The painting is accompanied by this comment from Architectural Historian, Jenny May:

“Ivy Fife captures a 1960s piece of social history, a moment in time, and a record of an area by focusing in colour on a small brick Georgian building by architect Cecil Wood, as though it has just caught her eye – an unintentionally prophetic view, as this is now a rare survivor in the area.”

Before moving in, Languages International had the building strengthened.  As a result, the damage from the earthquake that struck in 2011 was minimal. After the earthquake, we had the building further strengthened and upgraded.  As you can see from the recent photo above, our 84-year-old building looks just as good now as the day it was built.

If you want to see inside, take a look at the pictures here.


Hannah RobinsonAuthor: Hannah Robinson

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