Languages International’s online English courses offer the same high-quality learning experience that students enjoy when they come to study with us in New Zealand. Our fun, effective courses are led by experienced native-speaker teachers. The focus is on giving you as many opportunities as possible to communicate in English and learn. Students in our online English courses also have access to the Online Student Café, where you can join a teacher and other learners for a relaxed, informal chat.

Who is LI Online for?

  • You’re working and/or studying in your country and you want to join a multi-national class for real English communication and practice in real time.
  • You’re planning to work, travel or study in New Zealand and want to make a start on improving your English before you come here.
  • You’re interested in attending a course at Languages International in New Zealand and would like to get a taste of our classes.
  • You attended Languages International in New Zealand and want to brush up your English a bit, learn again in the way you enjoyed at Languages International, and maybe even catch up with former classmates and teachers

If that sounds like you, take a look at the online English courses we’re currently offering at LI Online. If you want to ask us some more questions, send us a message from our website, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. And if you’re ready to book a course, complete our online application form and we’ll send you a quotation to consider.

See you at LI Online!

Student learning English online on his laptop