Here’s what Languages International students can do on the Social Programme this week (1 – 5 August 2011.)

In Auckland, there’s lots of shopping on offer. On Wednesday, we are walking to K Road for coffee and to visit the shops. On Thursday, we’re catching the train to Sylvia Park shopping mall. On Friday, you can join the pub trip. (You have to be 18 or older for this trip.) There will be non-alcoholic drinks, alcoholic drinks and snack food available. At the weekend, you can go snowboarding, skiing, surfing or wine tasting, or you can visit Rotorua, Taupo and Waitomo. See pdf this week’s Social Programme activities for Auckland.

In Christchurch this week there is something for everyone. You can play touch rugby on Wednesday. This is for male and female students. If you have seen the All Blacks play, don’t worry, touch rugby is different! Gus will teach you the rules. On Thursday, you can make some beaded jewelry with Denise. On Friday, you can end your week with a lovely horse trek. We’ll be going horse riding from 3pm to 5pm. See pdf this week’s Social Programme activities for Christchurch.

Here’s a jewelry making activity at Languages International Christchurch from a few months ago:

Written by:
Hannah Robinson at Languages International