In this video, Languages International Christchurch student, Andrea talks about why she originally chose Christchurch as her study destination, why she chose to continue her studies there after the earthquake, and what life is like for her in Christchurch now.

Video highlights:

  • Adrea originally chose to study in Christchurch because of its:
    • interesting history and its English feel
    • architecture, parks and beautiful views
    • fairly small size

  • After the 22 February earthquake, she took a brief break in Auckland, but soon returned to Christchurch because she had fallen in love with the city.
  • Now, as part of her daily life in Christchurch she goes to school and to the mall. At weekends, she goes to the beach.

  • Andrea was surprised by how quickly the government fixed many things, and public transport is running.

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Written by
Hannah Robinson at Languages International