In this video, Languages International Christchurch student, Muthana talks about why he originally chose Christchurch as his study destination, why he chose to continue his studies there after the earthquake, and what life is like for him in Christchurch now.

Video highlights:

  • Muthana originally chose to study in Christchurch because of:
    • the good reputation of its universities – the University of Canterbury and Lincoln University, and the University of Otago in Dunedin (Muthana will do his PHD here after he finishes his English course.)
    • it was voted one of the friendliest cities in the world
    • its clean, green environment and its fresh air
  • After the 22 February earthquake, he chose to stay in Christchurch because he loves his teachers and he loves Languages International.
    • The teachers treated the students very nicely, very gently and were very friendly.
    • “The level of study at Languages International is very high.”
    • The teachers don’t make students feel like they are foreigners; they make them feel like they are their friends.
  • Now, his daily life in Christchurch is back to normal because outside the CBD things “have returned.” Shopping centres are open, and all the basic services like water, sewerage systems are working. Public transport is functioning too.

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Written by Hannah Robinson at Languages International