Languages International Christchurch Student & Teacher
Nizar and Languages International Christchurch teacher, Greg

Written by: Nizar, a student at Languages International Christchurch

My days at languages international school has been an interesting experience . I have never felt frustration in this school. Despite going through some difficult days and feeling of homesick, even with all the obstacles put in my way, I have managed to overcome it all and have a brilliant days with the help of teachers, friends and the soul of Christchurch.  Furthermore, all things have happened in this school are not forgotten, I really enjoyed the city, the international atmosphere at the school. 

I think that I will miss most about languages international are the teachers, who have a perfect method for education and  improve my English level. Thanks a lot to Kate who always is smile and try to steer the school in the right way. Best wishes to Dennis and Miranda who have advised and improved my English level . Anna and Greg, who organize the social program.  Thanks a lot to these kind women who always is smile and the support of a great man who is funny and helpful, I will have pleasant memories of our activates with friends in Christchurch. 

In addition, this school is a significant turning point in my life. Finally, I’m sad over what happened in Christchurch, which did not give us a moment to bid farewell to friends, teachers, I hope from the depths of my heart that go beyond the consequences of this earthquake easily. It will remain the most beautiful in the eyes of viewers. I love Christchurch.

To Miranda, Dennis, Kate, Annette, Susan, Amanda, Victoria, Natasha, Anna, Jeff, Greg and all the teachers your time was like a precious gift.

And finally to you all… 
I say a heartfelt thanks..
I do not remember only days; I remember moments.
Remember this is not a goodbye; it’s a see you later.
I look forward to staying in touch with everyone.
A lot of love

Christchurch Student
Nizar in New Zealand

Christchurch Student
Nizar in New Zealand

Christchurch Students
Nizar and friends in New Zealand