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We are intermediate students at Languages International Christchurch. We would like to give you some information about TV programmes, films, and novels.

Comedy movie: Hangover | review by Hamdan Al Bagami
This movie is about four friends who drank too much .Then they did every thing, but they didn’t know what they did .It is easy understand, It is interesting and makes you laugh .I’d recommend it.

Film: Nothing But The Truth | review by Terry Kuo
I’d definitely recommend this movie. To my mind , it is really easy to follow . There is an exciting plot , exploring complex issues and , especially, clearly portrays a person who is in a dilemma . As a rule , I hardly ever watch psychological movies , but I made an exception in this case!!

TV Programme: Britain’s Got Talent | review by Lei Lou
I’d like to talk to you about a famous TV programme that I watch everyday and it’s called “Britain’s Got Talent”. It’s famous for many kinds of talented people and their excellent performance. Actually I don’t like the ironic judge; however, the judges are the attraction of this programme. A lot of people enjoy hearing some ironic comments. I think it’s still really worth watching for the gorgeous stage, amazing music and terrific lighting.

Movie: Knowing | review by Lei Lou
To my mind, this is the best movie on the market right now. It is set in America. Nicolas Cage is the star. His acting is quite fine. This movie is about a super-flare in our own solar system which would destroy our ozone layer, killing every living organism on the planet in 2012. It is unbelievable. The special effects are terrific and superb. The plot is a real cliffhanger. The overall look is really cool. Highly recommended!

Novel: New Moon | review by Hui Ting Chou <>
This is an interesting novel. It is the second part of a trilogy. It was written by Stephenie Meyer. This book is about the vampires, including love, fighting and emotion. It is easy to read, you won’t regret reading it! Highly recommended!