Ramadan Challenge 2012, Languages International Christchurch students

This is the fifth year that some of our students have tried to fast with our Muslim students. On Tuesday the Saudi students gave us a presentation about Ramadan, and then we fasted on Wednesday from 6am until 5.30pm. 20 students went to the Mosque to have Iftar (dinner). Here is what some of our students thought.

“I had a special experience for one day. It was called Ramadan Challenge. I never ate or drank. I think Saudi Arabians are great. they keep that for one month. I’ll never try it again”.  – Dong (Korea)

Ramadan Challenge 2012 at Languages International Christchurch“I was so pleased that I could attend the Ramadan activity yesterday. I am a man without religion, but when I touch each religion, I can really feel their passion and friendliness. I have already studied Islamic culture in history class, but I have almost forgotten it now, but I had a deep impression form watching the news that a lot of Muslims made pilgrimages in Mecca every year. As the old saying goes it is better to travel far than to read a lot.”

“As regards the activity, it was very meaningful. It was a special and fun experience that I could see the mosque by myself and know the culture and then enjoy supper. Thank you.”   – Derek (Taiwan)