For the 3rd year in a row Languages International was proud to host the Annual Ramadan Challenge. Each year the Ramadan challenge has brought something new and this year staff and students were given the privilege of visiting the largest Mosque in the South Island.

Students and staff from Korea, Japan, Thailand, China, Brazil, Mexico and New Zealand all participated in what was a culturally rich and educational experience.

Below are statements from students who took part.

It was challenging, actually it was quite tough for me! Not to drink water during Ramadan. After 6.00pm I felt like I managed to do something special It was worth trying it Arabic coffee and dates were fantastic!
So Young Lee

Fasting, Mosque, Hejab and prayer… everything was new for me. It was a great experience!

It was my first tome to do a Ramadan challenge and visit a mosque. I don’t belong to any religion so it became a precious experience in my life. I only knew of a Mosque and Ramadan from a textbook when I was a student. I couldn’t imagine one day that I would experience them. We were really lucky! And I loved wearing Hejab.

Yesterday I went to the Mosque for Ramadan. I fasted for just 1 day for God. I think it was so hard for me it was my first experience and I was hungry. My friends told me not to think about food or hunger but I couldn’t do that. My stomach screamed all day I think if my stomach had a mouth it would say I’m Hungry Ha Ha Ha, but then I went to the Mosque. It was good because everybody did the same. The first time I didn’t know the food was just a starter and we ate a lot of bread, but when we finished the Muslim people told us to go to dinner. We didn’t understand that the starter wasn’t dinner and we ate again. It was very filling for me and my friends. It was good because I didn’t know anything about Muslim Culture and I learnt a lot.
Pinpet (Wow)

My name is Shelly, I am from China. That was the first time I have taken part in Ramadan. I was really surprised at the culture and enjoyed it very much. I am extremely interested in Arabic history. If I had not taken part in Ramadan, I would not have had such a special time.

Wow !!! It was amazing. I really enjoyed the day. It was a good activity to fast and go to the mosque to eat for a non-Muslim group and Feras’s presentation was very interesting and easy to understand.
Saudi Arabia

I’ve tried to Ramadan 3 times in NZ. The first and second time I tried with my classmates. After that we had a party in a Saudi Arabian’s house. It was very interesting. The third time I tried it was on Thursday.

I thought that Ramadan is a very hard challenge for m, because I was very hungry. If I am hungry, I’ll be able to eat something anytime, but I couldn’t eat yesterday. Therefore, I could understand the poor people’s feelings. I think that I’m very happy because I can eat anytime, I can do anything. But many people, all over the world can’t get enough to eat. Many children die from hunger.

I studied Ramadan in junior high school, but I didn’t understand what Ramadan means. However, I joined the Ramadan workshop and visited the Mosque. I could understand very much. It was a good opportunity for me. I’m thinking now what can I do for the poor people.
Yuri Kuwabara

It exceeded my expectations ! The food was great and the tour of the Mosque was informative.
Saudi Arabia

How wonderful it was when I saw the girls start eating. They were really hungry and they looked beautiful when the were wearing hejab. So….. It was a really good experience for them and they were really kind. Thanks
Saudi Arabia

It was a very interesting night, I like to learn about other cultures and customs and this was a good opportunity for it. All the people were so friendly and the food was really good. Thanks!
America Holdene

I thoroughly enjoyed the Ramadan challenge activity. The presentation done by Feras the day before was very informative and interesting. At the mosque, everybody was so friendly and the meal was delicious. Thank you LI for an amazing cultural experience.
Ana Neves

What a remarkable experience! The generosity of the community was awesome. Great experience for all those involved and opportunity to try something new and challenging
New Zealand

Once again thank you to all the students, staff and volunteers involved. The Ramadan Challenge was a unique and humbling experience!