For the second year running Languages International was proud to host the annual “Ramadan Challenge.”

The event ran over two days consisting of a Ramadan workshop for those wanting to know more about Ramadan. The workshop was an informative, fun and a great way for the Saudi Arabian students to extend their culture to other nationalities.

Next up was the Challenge. This consisted of no food and water for the entire day (sunrise to sundown), followed up by (iftar) breaking the fast for some “Dinner!”

What started from a small idea has grown into a full-scale event. A huge thank you to all the Saudi Arabian students and the President of the Saudi Club (Christchurch) for your generosity and contribution to this event. Thank you to the rest of the students and staff who pushed themselves, you proved it can easily be achieved !

I’m so proud of you all!

Kia Kaha,

Isaac Savage
(Student Services Coordinator at Languages International Christchurch)


Salaam, I’ve never tried fasting before and I didn’t know the Ramadan meaning, however after the Ramadan workshop and Ramadan challenge I’ve seen how beautiful it is. The dinner was absolutely delicious and the people were delighted. Good activity!
(Roberto, Brazil)

Really realy very good! Food! Gift! Movie! Everything!
It was a really nice experience for me. I’ll never forget this experience.
(Vincente, Brazil)

I really enjoyed it. Now I really know what Ramadan is, the dinner was wonderful!! Shukran everybody!!!

The last hour was the hardest especially without water! It was a really satisfying experience overall, and the evening feast was fantastic.
(Amanda -Teacher, New Zealand)

It was very hard, I thought I could not finish it. But in the end I made it! From now on I understand more about the culture and religion. Amazing activity, thanks to the Saudi students and the school.
(Luis, Brazil)

The most difficult thing for me was to wake up at 5.00 – 5.30 to eat, and to see people all around the day eating and drinking in front of us. This day helps me understand Muslims and the reason why they do that.
(Mireille, Switzerland)