Students from one of the classes at Languages International Christchurch have been writing about their memorable times in their lives.  Here is a selection of what they wrote:
When I was young… One day, I was visiting a Castle in France with my parents when i saw a statue. I had never seen this kind of statue before…so similar to a real human. When I was young, I was very curious that I wanted to touch the statue…So with my plastic sword that I had bought 2 hours before, I beat it.But when i had finished hiting it, The statue moved and spoke to me..I was very affraid. 10 seconds later, when I was trembling, My parents explained to me The statue was in fact a really person who was doing a mime show.
By Silvain
I have a story in my life about accident.3 years ago, I travelled to ‘Kao Yai’ national park in Thailand for 2 days. The first day, we were treking in the forest and watching many animals. 
The second day, we had prepared to go back to Bangkok but some students changed the route. The rain was coming and the road that was very narrow was wet. 
The driver couldn’t control his bus, the bus hit a mountain. Then, some people helped us and sent us to the hospital. My leg was broken and I stayed at the hospital for 3 days. 
By Atjana Janjek (Tang)
When I was 16 years old. My two sisters and I went to the waterfall.
When we arrived there, my younger sister held my youngest sister and they swam together,but neither of them had learnt to swim. My younger sister couldn’t swim strongly and my youngest sister couldn’t swim at all. While they were drowning, I jumped into the water to help them because I had learnt to swim. I also was drowning. Then men, who were sitting by the water, came to save us. 
By Bee

When I was seventeen years old, I was having dinner with my family and they asked: “Gu, would you like to have a party to celebrate your eighteenth birthday. You’ve never had a big and fantastic celebration and this age is so important in your life.”

Actually, you had had a fifteenth birthday party, but you didn’t have fun. And I said: “Well, I don’t know. You know that I don’t like parties.”

After two months I decided to make the celebration and it was wonderful. I invited all of my best friends and all of my cousins went to my home. But the party started early, because while I was taking a shower, a lot of friends arrived.

It was the biggest celebration of my life.

I’ve never received a lot of and nice gifts like on my eighteen’s birthday.  Everybody was so happy and another thing that was wonderful is that my parents hired a japanese restaurant, a barman,and a “dj” just to do special japanese food, typical brazilian drinks and play a lot of songs, all of which I was really keen on.

In fact, on that day I was totally happy and I will never forget it. It’s hard to say, but I think that I will never have another party like this one.
By Gustavo Zaven Der Haroutiounian
This history began when I, my sister and my cousins were around 10 years old. In that time, my cousins were visiting us in Natal (northest of Brazil). We used to eat fruit in the backyard of our neighboor after we had jumped the wall. I still remember how such delicious fruit used to be. We immediately invited our cousins to invade the camp of battle that was on the other side of the wall.

Yeap, we joined up to do a battle of bad fruit that we had found on the floor, all against all. My older sister hadn’t accepted to play with us but jumped over too. After few minutes we heard a stuffy shout. My sister was under a big tree branch.

She told us that when she tried to pull a very small fruit from the tree all the branch had came down. We asked her to not shout anymore or we will leave her there shouting until our neighboor appear and, of course, complain to our father. We helped her in the end.
By Djalma Oliveira Castro