The Gap Filler project is an initiative started after the earthquakes which aims at temporarily filling empty sites in Christchurch with creative, people-centered projects in order to create a more interesting, attractive and dynamic city and create places for the community to come together. Gaps are filled by the community and volunteers, people can introduce their ideas and turn them, with the help of Gap Filler, into reality. As things are changing quickly in Christchurch, gap fillers can pop up anywhere and then disappear again as spaces are developed.

Christchurch Container Mall
Cashel Mall / Re:start container mall which is made up entirely of shipping containers and accommodates 31 shops, a market place to buy fresh bread or fruit as well as a space for street performers to entertain the people. More photos of Cashel Mall.
Christchurch Gap Filler Football Field
Football field (now gone)
Christchurch Pallet City
Pallet City, which is a pavilion built from over 3000 wooden pallets, painted in bright blue, with space for 200 people which opened in December 2012. The pavilion hosts a number of great events such as live music, outdoor cinema or board game nights and can also be hired by individuals for private functions.
Colombo Street Christchurch wall art
Colombo Street wall art
Christchurch Sculpture Kilmore Montreal
Sculpture corner Kilmore St / Montreal St is a sculpture by Joanna Langford called “The High Country”. At 10m high, it depicts a utopian city installation and is fully illuminated after dark.
Julia Pernkopf

Written by Julia Pernkopf. Julia is the Social Programme Coordinator and Administration support person at Languages International Christchurch. Originally from Austria, Julia loves travelling and experiencing different cultures. She studied NZ’s history, literature, accent and culture as part of her degree, and wrote her thesis on the early settlers’ life in colonial New Zealand.