As a result of the earthquake on February 22nd, our school will stay closed for this week, Monday 28th February to Friday 4th March. We are now looking for temporary premises and we hope that we can open the school again from Monday 7th March for students who have decided to stay in Christchurch or who still want to come to Christchurch to study at Languages International.
Our school building at 69 Worcester Boulevard is within the part of Christchurch City that is still closed to public access. The first assessments that have been made of the building indicate that it will need some repair work, and we estimate that it will be two months before we are able to occupy the building again.
Thank you once again to all our staff for their outstanding efforts during this disaster, to our partners around the world for their support and kind messages, and to our students and their families for their patience and understanding.For more information or specific enquiries, please e-mail or phone +64 9 309 0615.