Languages International students & staff outside Little India Restaurant, Christchurch
Languages International students and staff outside Little India Restaurant

Last week 20 hungry students and 4 hungrier staff had lunch at a local restaurant. Here’s what one student thought.

“The ‘Little India’ restaurant we ate at is in Merivale Mall. The outside of the building is quite modern and the inside is clean and bright. It is a very good place to enjoy Indian food. 

The meal I ordered was lamb combo, which was medium spiced lamb. When I ate the curry with rice the special blend of Indian spice immediately went through my tongue and with the medium spice warmed up my body. I couldn’t stop the spoon in my hand putting food in my mouth because of the delicious taste. The lamb is cubed and full of juice. It was very hard to stop eating until I finished.

Although in the end, we couldn’t eat my favourite naan, because the oven hadn’t heated up in time the restaurant is worth a try.”

Little India Restaurant, Christchurch
Lamb combo at Little India restaurant in Christchurch

Where: Merivale Mall, 189 Papanui Rd, Christchurch, New Zealand
Phone: 355 8330  
Website: Little India