On Sunday 2nd February 2013, another perfect summer day invited the people of Christchurch to get together at New Brighton Beach to watch impressive sandcastles, creatures of the sea or Kiwi icons being built or to enter the competition themselves.

Some of our students went to New Brighton that day.

Kaoru from Japan says…

 “I have seen some very good sandcastles.”

…and Emily from Korea told us that…

“We had a fun day. There were many great sandcastles. I wanted to build too but it was very hard.”

Julia Pernkopf

Written by Julia Pernkopf. Julia is the Social Programme Coordinator and Administration support person at Languages International Christchurch. Originally from Austria, Julia loves travelling and experiencing different cultures. She studied NZ’s history, literature, accent and culture as part of her degree, and wrote her thesis on the early settlers’ life in colonial New Zealand.