Kite Day

An exciting part of Christchurch’s summer event calendar is the annual Kite Day where kites of all shapes, sizes and colours can be seen dancing over New Brighton Beach. Christchurch’s amazing blue sky full of kites is definitely a stunning visual and lifelong memory for the thousands of people who come every year to watch or take part in the event themselves.

One of the spectators was Seiya, a student at Languages International Christchurch, and this is what he says about the event:

“When we arrived New Brighton, its sky was covered with the kites. We noticed that various kites were going up as we approached it. A bird, butterfly, fish, bear, panda, various kites were going up and it was delighting many people’s eyes. It was flying kites festival, which delights many persons unlike a Japanese kite.”

Kite Day

Photos by Seiya Terada

Julia Pernkopf

Written by Julia Pernkopf. Julia is the Social Programme Coordinator and Administration support person at Languages International Christchurch. Originally from Austria, Julia loves travelling and experiencing different cultures. She studied NZ’s history, literature, accent and culture as part of her degree, and wrote her thesis on the early settlers’ life in colonial New Zealand.