What’s it like in Christchurch?  Find out from one of our Swiss students, Claudia.  Here she shares with you her recent experience of  studying in Christchurch.  Enter Claudia…

Cashell Mall ChristchurchIf you are thinking about doing a language school you should not forget about Christchurch! I know they had the earthquakes some years ago, but it is definitely worth going! Christchurch is a lovely city and the people are open and friendly.

You might feel a bit worried because of the earthquakes. To tell you the truth, I never felt one, but I have to say I didn’t live in Christchurch itself, I was living about 30 minutes out of Christchurch. During the day I was in town, while I was at school it never happened that there was an earthquake. So I can’t tell you if it happens often or not. My classmates told me sometimes there was one, but that was not often.

Beach in the South Island, New Zealand

Another plus for Christchurch the place where it is in the South Island. It’s quite easy to travel around the Island during your school stay. You can reach most of the other big cities in about five hours, so you can easily leave Christchurch Friday after school and come back Sunday afternoon or evening. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about studying.

And last but not least another good reason to choose Christchurch is Languages International. It’s a really good school. They have every week social activities, which you can attend.  And the teachers are really good too! They take time to explain you the stuff, when you don’t understand it!

Author: Claudia, a Swiss student at Languages International Christchurch.

Photos: Avon River and Beach by Eber Guny from Mochilão sem Fronteiras. Cashell Mall by Hannah Robinson.