Yasuko is a self-confident person who has escaped from the stressful life in Japan. She was a teacher there for ten years. During her life as a teacher she had also other jobs, like organising the sports club activities and listening to the concerns of the parents. It was quite difficult for her to handle all parents of her scholarship.

During her work as a teacher she was able to travel five times to New Zealand, which was organised by her school. That is why she saw, that the life in New Zealand seems to be easier and less stressful. Therefore Yasuko decided to go to New Zealand, learn the language and do the CAE. If she achieves a B-grade in the exam, she can apply for a job as a teacher in New Zealand.

After a long time living in Christchurch, Yasuko misses the Japanese food. She likes to eat a lot of different sea food. Unfortunately it is quite difficult to buy raw fish in a New Zealand supermarket to create her own sushi. Furthermore, she used also to eat many kinds of roots which contains a huge amount of fiber.

One thing that Yasuko has found strange while in New Zealand is to see that some people walk barefoot through the central city of Christchurch.

By Tina, a CAE student at Languages International Christchurch

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