Tina is loved not only by her boyfriend but also by her classmates because of her friendly character. In fact, she is open-minded and out-going.

She loves travelling and enjoys it as often as she can. I interviewed her about her view for travelling. She has been to many countries around her country, Switzerland, such as France, Italy, Germany, Austria and Bulgaria. Among them, the island named Sardinia, which is in Italy, is Tina’s favourite place. The warm climate, beautiful scenery and friendly people seem to attract her.

“Why do many people say that Switzerland is a paradise?” It might be the biggest question for her. Whenever people ask that question, she is eager to know why. To find the answers, she strongly believes that she needs to travel. She wants to know the other people’s daily life, their social systems and their attitude towards the environment as well as wanting to visit famous sight-seeing spots.

Tina’s tips to enjoy travelling – If her boyfriend has a different idea about the destination of their coming trip, Tina and her boyfriend usually try to find another possibility to compromise with each other. When he wants to go tramping although she does not, they would decide to go short-trekking. It might be also possible that they choose different activities from each other, however according to her, it is unlikely to happen.

By Yasuko, a CAE student at Languages International Christchurch

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