Jonathan is a 22 year-old Swiss guy, more specifically from the French part of Switzerland, who was come to New Zealand to take the CAE exam.

One of the things that he most like doing in his free time is travelling, which was one of the main reasons that has led him to study Tourism at University. Due to this passion, Jonathan has been to many countries, including Germany, Tunisia, Brazil, Australia and many others. This last one – to the New Zealanders dislike – was chosen by him as his favourite place, mainly because of its stunning views and also because he was able to meet some really nice people.

Anybody who knows Jonathan can say that he is an extremely sensitive and romantic guy, as well as friendly and communicative. He has the dream of winning the lottery, which would allow him to travel all around the world and to the moon. Moreover, he loves spending time with his friends and going out to night clubs.

Jonathan has definitely some great stories about his teenagerhood and, fortunately, has been experiencing memorable moments.

Undeniable, my colleague lives life to the full!

By Fernanda, a CAE student at Languages International Christchurch

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