Flávia studies medicine in Brazil. She will probably graduate in 2012. After her graduation she has to serve a residence. As a next step in her career, Flávia would like to do a specialization in oncology and work, if possible, a few years abroad.

At least as important as her career is for her to have a family and children.

Flávia has already visited many different countries. She has been to Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, France, Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand.

During her trip from Dusseldorf to Prague she had a terrible experience together with her sister. They missed the plane and decided to take the train to Prague. Unfortunately, the trip was a bit longer than expected. Normally it takes 12 hours to travel from Dusseldorf to Prague, and you have to change trains three times. After a few hours, they weren’t sure if they were on the right train, and they asked different people, but nobody was able to give an accurate answer. As a result, they became scared and left the train at the next station. At the end Flávia and her sister were waiting alone at a deserted and remote train station somewhere in Europe and had no idea how to travel on.

By Rafael, a student at Languages International Christchurch

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