At first I asked Andy how he had met Bettina and how many years ago. He told me that they had met 9 years ago when they had gone skiing with some friends. It had been love at first sight. The next question was about his favourite movie. Andy said that his favourite movie is ‘A beautiful mind’. This film centres around a mathematician who is a genius. The story is about how the protagonist becomes schizophrenic and how his familiy and friends deal with this illness.

When I asked Andy, where he wanted to travel next, he answered that he would like to go to South America and to discover Peru, Chile, Equador and maybe Brazil.

Then I enquired what he would cook to impress Bettina and he explained that he would cook a good piece of meat in the oven with pasta or rice because he knew that Bettina likes this. For dessert he would offer her some ice cream.

Last but not least the big question was when he and Bettina wanted to get married and Andy guessed that they would get married maybe in ten years.

By Eva, a student at Languages International Christchurch

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