Adi comes from Switzerland. He lives near a lake there. So it is no wonder that his favourite freetime activities are windsurfing and sailing. Next summer he is going to get the licence for driving a boat on the sea.

Adi’s other hobbies are playing ice hockey and skiing. Some of these hobbies are quite expensive. That’s why we can expect that Adi doesn’t save a lot of money. Apart from his hobbies he spends money in travelling, going out and buying some electronic stuff.

Adi is staying here in Christchurch for four months. In the first three months he is doing the CAE exam. Then his parents and his sister are going to come to New Zealand too. The whole family is going to travel around the country for two weeks. Adi will spend the last two weeks of his New Zealand trip in Auckland, where he is attending a Business English course.

By Patrizia, a CAE student at Languages International Christchurch

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