“Wow, what an amazing and memorable experience”

Cultural Afternoon Japanese Performance

A Japanese performance

That is probably the best summary for our recent cultural event. A group of students of many different nationalities came together to entertain us with an afternoon of traditional singing, dancing and some games typically played in their home countries. They brought along traditional costumes, a violin and a guitar and soon had everyone clapping and joining in.

We were presented with traditional Japanese singing, a Brazilian song, a Japanese performance and in the end, the whole audience joined together to sing and dance the Japanese as well as the English version of Auld Lang Syne.

Cultural afternoon Japanese Game

Playing a Japanese game

Cultural Afternoon Brazilian Song
Singing a Brazilian song

 Cultural Afternoon Auld Lang Syne

Singing “Auld Lang Syne” in English and Japanese
Julia Pernkopf

Written by Julia Pernkopf.  Julia is the Social Programme Coordinator and Administration support person at Languages International Christchurch. Originally from Austria, Julia loves travelling and experiencing different cultures. She studied NZ’s history, literature, accent and culture as part of her degree, and wrote her thesis on the early settlers’ life in colonial New Zealand.