Take a look at this great list of cool things to do and see in Christchurch in an article by Megan Singleton published in yesterday’s newspaper.

Our Christchurch students know that there’s lots and lots of fun to be had in Christchurch. Here are some of the activities and events our students have been enjoying recently.

Experiencing live rugby at the stadium…
(Click here for more photos of our students at the rugby.)
Rugby montage

Baking traditional NZ recipes and trying classic NZ “hokey pokey” flavour ice cream…
(Click here for more jam pudding baking photos.)
Baking montage

Bravely trying abseiling, archery, and rock climbing…
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Archery, abseiling, and rock climbing montage

Enjoying Christchurch’s parks and gardens…
(Click here for more daffodil walk photos.)
Daffodil walk

Trying new foods from around the world…
(Click here for more International Food Festival photos.)
International Food Festival

Getting inspired by some of the new public art that is being created around Christchurch..

Learning more about each other’s cultures…
(Click here for more photos of our students and staff celebrating Eid.)

Taking day trips to explore more of the South Island…
(Click here for more photos of Akaroa.)

What fun things have you done in Christchurch recently?

What fun things would you like to do in Christchurch?

Hannah Robinson

Written by Hannah Robinson, Regional Marketing Manager at Languages International.