English school Christchurch New Zealand Ramadan

On Tuesday 30th July some students from Languages International tried a “One-day-Ramadan” out.  Ramadan is one month of the Islam religion, in which the Muslim people do not eat during the daylight. It is a fasting month. Pregnant women and sick person do not have to fast. But they have to count the days without fasting and have to repeat it later.

So we all ate breakfast before sunrise. The whole day we did not eat anything, but we were allowed to drink water. The hardest time was the afternoon! But we stayed strong. 🙂

At 4.30pm we went to the mosque near Hagley Park with Denise and Abdullah.  Abdullah is from Saudi-Arabia and one of our classmates. A Bosnian woman showed us the mosque and explained a lot of interesting things about the Islam, especially Ramadan. Finally we got our dinner and we really enjoyed it! We were invited by the mosque, thank you!

For all of us it was a good experience to be hungry for one day. There is so much hunger in our world so we should really appreciate what we have!

Author: Martina Lipp

Martina is a student at Languages International Christchurch.